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Vegan Lifestyle-Vegan benefits

Worried about how convenient a vegan lifestyle will be?


Worried about how convenient a vegan lifestyle will be?

we’ve got news for you – times are changing.

Cafes and
restaurants are starting to take note of the power of the vegan
pound, with delicious vegan options to be found in a growing
number of independents and chains.
If there are no vegan options on the menu, talk to the staff and
see what they can do for you.

You’ll get them thinking creatively
about vegan cooking, while making life easier for the next vegan
to come along.



But a vegan lifestyle isn’t just about food, I hear you say. As well as avoiding
animal products in their diet, vegans also avoid the use of animals for clothing,
research and entertainment.
While this might seem daunting to begin with, remember going vegan is about
doing your best. You don’t need to immediately rip up all of your carpets and
replace them with synthetic wool. If you would like to continue using your
non-vegan clothing and cosmetics until they run out or wear
out, you can do this. Just make sure you find vegan
versions to replace them with eventually.
Look out for the Vegan Trademark on cosmetics
and toiletries to ensure that the product contains no
animal ingredients and has not been tested
on animals.