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What a miracle to have a true girlfriend!


 One in front of which to put your soul on the tray and not be afraid that it will make you "stew". But where do you find it and, especially, how do you keep it?Just like in a love affair with a man, in a friendship with a woman you have to invest time and feelings, and the unwritten rules of friendship must be respected by both parties.


1. Listen to her as much as you like to be listened to 

Nothing compares with this. 
I can talk freely with my best friend, without censoring myself and without being afraid that she will not be able to bear the flood of words ... How do I know? Because I'm not tired of listening to her either, no matter how long it takes.As is well known, the number of words a woman needs to say in a day is overwhelmingly greater than the amount a man is content with. Great loss that you can't have a girlfriend to confess to.Plus there are scientific studies that show that for women, talking tothe best friend releases oxytocin into the body, the same hormone that is triggered when a woman breastfeeds her baby. Along with an indescribable state of inner goodness, infallible protection, fulfillment and being loved.

2. Be trustworthy

We all have our little secrets that we still need to tell someone. May she always remain her best friend. Never divulge his secrets, just as you would not like them to be divulged.I know, there are studies that say that a woman can't keep a secret for more than 35 minutes ... Fortunately, among the people she chooses to confess to is always in a leading place: her best friend.The reason why it is difficult for us to keep secrets seems to be - according to studies - that mental pressure affects our perception of reality and makes us believe that even the easiest activities become very difficult. In conclusion, we really need someone to share them with.


3. Don't judge her
You know everything about her.

Can you not give in to the temptation to judge her? What do you do when you disagree with her choices? Here I believe that the difference is made between true friendship and onesuperficial.Friendship is like love. You can't make friends with a woman, even if it's much easier to communicate with her than with any man. You "recognize" a true friend. It's like a find when you meet her.That is why, inexplicably, no matter what he does, you have an unconditional understanding. She can be completely different from you. He may have choices you don't agree with, and you can tell him in front of him, without any problem and - the top! - without affecting the friendship between you.
4. Don't steal her boyfriend
I know, it sounds petty. People have the right to be free, you can't own a man, and by the time you hold him by force you have already lost him. Statistics show that over 60% of men dream of making love with their girlfriend's best friend. At best, all three - but not necessarily ...
Therefore, the probability that your girlfriend's boyfriend wants you is very high. The temptation to flirt is just right. There are also women to whom the idea of ​​sharing her lover smiles - although there are many more who do not even want to hear about it.

No matter what category you are in, it would be preferable to trust your girlfriend. Let's say the love of your life fell in love with her, and she doesn't even see you anymore. It's different if you find out from her. At least you just feel abandoned, not betrayed.