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What is SirtFood Diet that Adele reportedly followed to lose 45 kg?

Paleo diet
It is the diet that helped the famous singer Adele to lose an impressive number of kilograms and is in vogue during this period

The SirtFood diet was developed by British nutritionists Aidan Gogging and Glen Matten. 
This diet involves the consumption of foods that activate certain proteins in the body, called sirtuins. The role of these proteins is to regulate the biological flow of the body, to control the functioning of certain genes, to ensure the proper functioning of the metabolism and to protect cells.


How to keep the SirtFood diet

There are two stages of this diet - the first involves losing unwanted pounds and the second, maintaining optimal weight.

The weight loss phase lasts seven days. 

In the first three days, you will consume three green juices and a meal rich in food considered sirtfood. Caloric intake will not exceed 1000 calories per day. From the fourth day to the seventh day, the daily menu consists of two green juices and two meals, and the caloric intake will increase to 1500 calories per day.


According to the authors of the diet, in these seven days you can lose about 3.5 kg.
The "maintenance" phase lasts 14 days and during this time the process of losing weight should continue constantly. During these 14 days, you will consume three meals and a green juice a day.


These are some of the main sirtfood foods: buckwheat, celery (root and its leaves), capers, cocoa, coffee, extra virgin olive oil, green tea, turnips, larch, parsley, red chicory, red onion, red wine, strawberries , soy, turmeric (turmeric), nuts, apples, citrus, arugula, kale.

After the end of the two weeks of maintenance, the authors of the diet recommend the continued consumption of processed foods and green juices, as well as the gradual introduction of other healthy foods in the daily menu.

The diet can be followed whenever needed.In addition to this diet, nutritionists also recommend intense and frequent physical activity.