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Relationship Advice

THESE things can silently kill your relationship

Relationships are never easy and need a lot of hard work.

You cannot get into a relationship and expect rainbows and unicorns because at some point you'll also come across monsters and fight them to sustain your relationship.

It's absolutely unrealistic to expect a relationship to last long and have a happy ending without any ups and downs.

We're all humans and we change with time and there are mistakes and errors that take a toll on us and the people around us and the same way, some of our habits and mistakes can impact our relationships.

It's essential to take care of our relationship just like we care for a plant or a pet because not doing so can impact our relationship. Sometimes just the little things we do and are ignorant of can slowly damage our relationship and erode the love between two people.

There are some things that we should all avoid if we want our relationship to remain safe and last longer.

 Sometimes we turn to the silent treatment to punish the people around us but it's not a healthy habit in a relationship.

Relationships cannot remain healthy if there is no healthy communication.

Even the best relationship can become a toxic one if there is a communication gap because it will lead to miscommunication and bottling things up will only make everything much worse.


Avoiding fightings

and taking a step back is a good thing sometimes but do it too often and it can slowly start taking a toll on your relationship. Avoiding fights and conflicts can slowly kill your relationship because it prevents you from resolving an issue and putting your mind and relationship at peace.

Your finances can play a big role in how your relationship goes. While many people believe in keeping the finances separate and away from their relationship, it's not really a good idea.

More so because when one partner is a spender and other is a saver. It becomes a big issue when one person starts lying about their finances and often leads to trust issues.

 Sometimes the stress and people around us take a toll on us and it often makes us want to shut everyone out and take some alone time but your partner is your companion and you cannot shut your partner out.

Stonewalling them will make them feel left out

and shut out which can make it very difficult for them to reach out to you and resolve things and it will take a toll on your relationship.

It's okay to be angry with your partner after a fight but when you stop saying 'I love you' and withhold affection and love in order to make things go your way,

it can come across as a controlling behaviour and it will take a toll on your partner's mental health and your relationship.

We often tend to get jealous of other people and their relationships but when you start comparing your partner and your relationship with someone else's and start competing with them, it can make things worse for your relationship.

Every relationship is different just like every person is different and it's essential to accept that and move on with that.