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Examples of different types of manicure

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The most difficult thing to have a beautiful manicure will be choosing the desired type, because there are many types of manicure.Once you make sure you have the right nail kit, you need to decide what type of manicure you want. 
Here are some of the most common:

Natural nails

If you like natural nails, you don't have to put on false nails. Take advantage of your own nails to make your manicure the most original. It is necessary to take care of it in order to be able to have beautiful nails, but it is as simple as considering certain daily beauty routines.

Gel nails


To obtain the finish of this type of manicure, use a gel nail polish that dries under ultraviolet light. You can give the gel nails as much as you want, they will be more flexible and natural than other types of false nails. They usually last up to 2 weeks if well cared for.


Acrylic nails

A polymer powder is used to create a plastic layer that can be painted in all existing colors. Acrylic varnishes have a longer lifespan, although they must be applied carefully so that the result is optimal. In addition, without proper precautions, there is a risk of nail damage.


Porcelain nails

Porcelain nails are harder than other types of false nails, which makes them more resistant to shocks. Like gel manicure, it depends on how fast the nail grows, which will create a gap at the base.

Permanent manicure

If you want a design that lasts up to 3 weeks, go to the beauty salon and make yourself a permanent manicure. An intermediate option are semi-permanent polish.
How can you get one of these types of manicure?Looking for models to make your nails? We offer you a varied selection to inspire you on any occasion: from the elegance and sobriety of the French manicure to the crazy creativity of the nail art trend.


A classic winner: French manicure

It is one of those basic types of manicure used over the years and will always remain successful. It is a very elegant, natural and simple nail model to make at home.Although it can be made of several different colors, the traditional one has a white edge, and the base of the nails has a light or transparent shade of pink.When the imagination is free, innovative ideas like the reverse French manicure can appear. In this design, instead of varnishing the top edge of the nail, varnish the inside, cuticle area. It is definitely a different manicure. Do you dare to do it?

Gel Nails
Porcelain Nails


Simple colored nails: simple but effective

Simple manicures are the fastest and easiest option to give a nail color spot. And, despite its simplicity, it is a good design for any occasion.Choose the color you like the most or that matches the outfit you are wearing. Remember: first apply a base coat in a neutral or transparent color, two more coats with the varnish you choose and one last clear coat to finish the manicure.


Striped nails: the lightest variety of nail art

Sailor stripes are always in fashion. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, zigzag, etc. There are as many possibilities as the ideas that come to mind. If this design seems too simple, you can complicate it with different geometric patterns: triangles, rhombuses, squares, etc.To make the lines completely straight, you can use stickers covering the part you don't want to varnish. In case of emergency you can use adhesive tape.


Dots can get on your nails

And how could it be otherwise… make polka dots on your nails. 
Polka dots are one of those flattering and always fashionable trends. You can make polka dots directly on your unvarnished nails (with a base coat, of course) or on a color that contrasts with the varnish you will use for small polka dots.For this design to look good on your nails, you need to have the right tools. You can use a very thin brush to draw the dots.You can make any model you like on your nails, these are just a few examples of manicure. However, it is important to have the right nail kit. It can be purchased easily and quickly by entering Good luck making a special manicure!