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5 tips to have perfect eyebrows

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Eyebrows that are too sparse, too thick, thin, too arched or inconsistent with the physiognomy of the face are the problems faced by countless ladies and gentlemen. More recently, men are passionate about having perfect eyebrows and are working on this. But few people were born with perfect natural eyebrows, in size, density and shape, without the need to intervene in any way on them. That is why most of the time thinking is essential.

The eyebrows do not have their age, shape and shaping depends on the preferences of each of us.The perfect eyebrows create a lifting effect, they define the contour and the expressiveness of the face. Our face becomes brighter if the eyebrows are properly thought out and cared for. That is why it is necessary to know some tricks that will help you get the perfect shape of the eyebrows.

What tricks do you use for perfect eyebrows?
Learn to measure your eyebrows correctly before thinking about them
The correct measurement of the eyebrows helps us to obtain the ideal eyebrows, suitable for each physiognomy. The correct measurement is made by establishing the key points: the beginning of the eyebrow, the highest point and its end. Only then will the removal of excess threads begin. Ideally, to discover the perfect shape of your physiognomy, first turn to a specialist.

Trim thick and bushy eyebrows

Stylists recommend trimming the eyebrows and adjusting the length of the hair.This method allows you to keep the natural volume of the eyebrow. You can use a special eyebrow brush and a pair of scissors. Eyebrow trimming is done in the direction of hair growth, otherwise you risk getting the wrong haircut or too much. The final look will not be a pleasant one.


 Wear natural eyebrows
If nature has endowed you with thick and voluminous eyebrows, try not to intervene too much on them, turning them into dashes. The fashion for very thin eyebrows is long gone. But, if you do not have contoured or thick eyebrows, you can use the latest wire tattoo techniques, as natural as possible, which mimics natural hair. In addition, it lasts over time and does not look as unsightly as the classic tattoo. In this case, go to a specialist. The first step is to let your eyebrows grow naturally for at least a month and only then go to a specialist who will know what to do.
Don't try to arch them too much
A common mistake for women who pinch their own eyebrows is excessive arching. When it comes to arching the eyebrows, it should be as natural as possible. Eventually, do not intervene in their arching, if it does not exist in the natural shape of the eyebrow. By the wrong archingcreates the comma and rounding effect of the eyebrow. Therefore, the correct shape of the eyebrows is obtained only by pinching them in the lower part, and in the upper part only the surplus is cleaned, if necessary. Thinking at the top will create a droopy eyelid effect, reducing the brightness and expressiveness of the face.

Avoid creating too much distance between the eyebrows

It is known that excessively thought-out eyebrows thin out over time, and the hairs become softer and blond. The same happens when it comes to excessive thinking in the inner corner of the eyebrows, at the level of the nose. They are getting thinner and you can't get back in perfect shape over time. In addition, too much distance between the eyebrows widens the nose, and too small closes the eyes and the face always looks frowning.Another secret for perfect eyebrows are make-up products. You can use make-up products to beautifully contour your eyebrows, such as wax and blush kits, pencils and brushes. But,if their shape is correct, the make-up becomes just a simple detail.Discover the perfect shape of your eyebrows and keep it for a long time. You can have perfect eyebrows at 20, 30, 40, and 50 years.